NYC Metro Transit Authority Hacked:  崛起的网络攻击 




As someone who has information security on their radar, you’ve probably noticed a real upswing in news stories about hacking. In addition to a recent attack on New York City subway system, hackers have also gone after transportation systems in Sacramento, 费城, 旧金山, 和英国《威尼斯游戏大厅下载》. 价值.  

Clearly, there are bad actors out there seeking to exploit vulnerabilities. 


These attacks happen for a variety of reasons. In some instances, the hackers use ransomware to extort money. That was the case with a recent hacking of a pipeline. They may also be in search of company secrets, customer data, or financial information. 

 In the case of the New York City subway attack, the reasons aren’t immediately clear. The group involved appears to be connected to the Chinese government. The motivation could be from the country’s interest in controlling the rail car market. 也有人猜测,这一事件可能只是对交通系统漏洞的测试,甚至可能是黑客的一个简单错误. 


The truth is that any entity is a potential target for attack. For every newsworthy incident of a data breach or other security attack, there are dozens more that don’t make the news. 企业通常会存储敏感的个人和财务数据,以及公司机密. Even on a small scale, these things are attractive to cybercriminals. 

 Worse, once an attack has occurred, any response to it is often reactionary. 数据已经暴露. Cleaning up the resulting mess can cost millions of dollars, 影响公司的声誉, and even expose a business to liability. 


好消息是,也有成千上万的黑客被安全软件和其他正常工作的保护措施阻止的事件. 在很多情况下, 安全管理服务 have successfully prevented damage from being much worse than intended. 

How Do 安全管理服务 Protect Businesses from Cyberattacks? 

天然气管道, 政府交通运输机构, and major corporations eventually recover from these attacks. That’s because they have the financial resources to absorb the damage, 支付ransomware要求, 让他们的系统重新上线. 

 The difference is that small and medium businesses don’t have those resources. A cyberattack could quite literally cause the demise of a small business. Worse, the majority of internet attacks are targeted at small businesses. Many of the small businesses that are attacked don’t survive the incident. 

 上一页ention is key, but there are still challenges to be faced. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated all the time. 不幸的是, 在网络被攻破后无法生存的小企业通常负担不起自己的网络安全防御系统. Cybercriminals know this and they are all too eager to exploit that weakness. 

 对于小企业来说,投入大量的时间和金钱来设计和执行内部管理的网络安全保护计划也是一种负担. That is why so many small businesses opt to use 安全管理服务. 


托管安全服务为组织提供了一套完整的数据保护工具. This includes continually monitoring for vulnerabilities, 安装安全更新, 配置防病毒软件, 进行渗透测试, 进行审计, and otherwise ensuring that a company’s systems are fully protected and monitored 24/7. 

 以下是一些可能帮助纽约大都会运输署防止网络攻击变得更糟的功能. 这些也是小企业可以期望从托管安全服务中得到的保护. 


入侵检测系统监视内部和外部未经授权访问信息的尝试. 这包括黑客攻击。. It also includes internal efforts to get around security policies. 


下一代防火墙提供了来自标准防火墙的所有保护, along with additions such as app-awareness and cloud-based threat intelligence. 它集成了入侵防御和检测软件,以确保没有任何东西进入或离开不应该进入或离开的网络. 


这是一种基于规则的安全协议,在网络流量中遇到预定义的行为时,会立即采取行动. 这提供了实时保护,防止跨站点脚本攻击或拒绝服务攻击. 


This is often referred to as ethical hacking. 安全专家部署各种各样的攻击来识别使网络暴露的弱点和其他问题. There are also software packages that can be used for this testing. 




受管理的安全服务将确保安装顶级的防病毒软件,并保持更新,以便进行检测, 块, 和消除病毒, 恶意软件, 和其他威胁. 


Businesses that have their data backed up, 加密, and stored off-site are protected from ransomware and crypto-locker attacks. This is simply because it takes away the power of attackers to hold information hostage. 


In this case, a true hacking attempt was behind the attack on the NYC subway system. The same appears to be true for the pipeline incident and other major events. 然而, 许多针对企业的攻击实际上是由员工的错误引起的.  

 End users can accidentally or maliciously make systems vulnerable by: 

  •  Accessing sensitive data on public networks. 
  • Using poor password management techniques. 
  • Downloading or installing unauthorized software. 
  • Transmitting data without taking steps to protect it. 
  • Falling victim to pretext calling and other forms of social engineering. 

 A bit of education can go a long way in mitigating this. 


定制是关键之一 托管服务提供者的好处. In addition to using the skills of a dedicated service provider, these solutions are customized according to the needs of the small business. 


As citizens, everyone should be concerned about cyberattacks on major entities. 令人担忧的是,这些袭击如此频繁地发生,更令人震惊的是,外国政府可能至少参与了其中一些袭击.  

话虽如此, 这些问题也突显了中小企业现在实施保护措施的重要性. 


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